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© Dr. Bernd SeidelI am a writer in the fields of literature, history and philosophy, and owner and administrator of a German-Colombian design agency Gato & Mono Design.

The main topics of my work in the coming years are in the following areas:  

Enquiry into the relationship between the ideas of the Radical Enlightenment and the formation of Early Kantianism (espc. related to a group of German philosophers of the 1790s like Schack Hermann Ewald, Friedrich Carl Forberg, Johann Benjamin Erhard, Johann Baptist Schad, Immanuel Carl Diez, Felix Anton Blau). 

I am continuing my studies on Early German Romanticism with a book about the history of the family Schlegel from the Early Modern Period to Romanticism. The aim is to unravel the continuous aesthetic and theological self-understanding of the Schlegel family. 

Of course, I am going to continue my research on Friedrich Breckling and the networks of the protestant and spiritual nonconformists in the late 17th century. But after finishing the network-analysis (vid. projects), I probably cannot pursue this with the highest intensity.

Since the beginning of 2014 I have been working as a committee member of the Literary Society of Thuringia (Weimar). My projects for the ›LGT‹ are related to the genre of poetry film, and the presentation and organization of readings of contemporary German poetry. I am, together with the artist Aline Helmcke, editor of the Poetry film Magazine and initiator and curator of the Weimar Poetry Film Award.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of my work to date, or enquire about commissions, please email me at guido.naschert@posteo.de

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